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Contact Center System

A computer-based system that provides call and contact routing for high-volume telephony transactions, with specialist answering “agent” stations and a sophisticated real-time contact management system. Here we would recommend the Contact Center System called Contaque NGUCC.

CONTAQUE NGUCC is a modular and flexible world-class contact center solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing voice and data systems – TDM/ PRI/GSM/VOIP. It is an affiliated solution for all your communication channels such as Voice-calls, SMS, chats and E-mails. With its unique features this software ensure Investment Protection for your business.

Key Features:

High-speed Broadcasting
Automatic Call Distribution
Skill Based Routing
Lead Recycling Rules
Trunk Based Routing
Number Masking
Third-party CRM Integration
Customized Reports
Report Scheduling
Post Call Survey
Auto Missed Call Alert
Predictive Dialing
Unique ID based Dialing

Key Benefits

Secured Data – Encrypted numbers to secure your data
Team Monitoring – Have a look of entire operations at one screen
Customized Reports – Save time, money and your precious efforts with automated reports
Call Recording – Record, listen and track your team
Automated Reports – Get all the reports in one go
Integrations – Integrate your most used CRMs