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GreyChain has been registered with Ministry of Commerce since November, 2017 to operate our business and we are a specialist for Information Technology Solutions in Cambodia with our yearly experiences.

At GreyChain, we provide various of products such as IP PBX System, CRM System and Call Center System which could be deployed on the Cloud or On-Premise. We also provide other products for Conference Call System, Firewall Appliance, Integration Services, Security Endopoint Protection and IT-Managed Services.

We have been announced to be a partner of 3CX Phone System in Cambodia in 2017 which is really grateful. 3CX is the only one company who has produced 3CX Phone System for Call Center since 2015 and 3CX has 12 global offices with 190 countries using 3CX phone system around the world. We are also a partner of some IP Phones companies like Grandstream IP Phone and Software, Yeastar and Yealink IP Phone. We also could help to subscribe the SIP Trunk with Telecom Companies, GSM Gateways or PSTN Gateways as well as Cloud providers. Microsoft, Zoom, Kaspersky and McAfee.

GreyChain has more main customers in Cambodia included BIMA, Chip Mong Bank, Sathapana Bank, Cambodian Post Bank, Prince Bank, BVM, TurboTech, i-Finance, Wildlife Alliance, Cambodian Children Fund, Child Protection Unit, Bun & Associates, Muuve and AMS.