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VTiger CRM Cambodia

VTiger Cambodia is fully supported by Greychain Cambodia Ltd.

Greychain Cambodia is committed to providing the highest level of VTiger support and development in Cambodia.

If you have not integrated your VTiger Cambodia installation yet with your CRM, now is the time to do it.

VTiger CRM Cambodia, is available as either self hosted or cloud based, the self hosted version, also referred to as the community version is free to install and use. The cloud based, commercial version has additions which may make it a suitable choice for larger enterprises.

Vtiger is an all in one CRM designed for small businesses. It was founded in the year 2004 and it integrates the features that go beyond the standard capacity suite of the typical CRMs. Vtiger system has been tailored to meet with needs of the clients based on the feedback provided by the customer base.

Vtiger allows the users to thrive on a more productive business, and helps them to stay informed about it and to avoid data duplication. Vtiger is able to deliver great sales automation capabilities, email marketing functionalities and project and inventory management. Vtiger represents a set of unique tools that are used for the improvement of interaction with the potential customers. The web-to-CRM forms provided by Vtiger help in capturing the relevant contact information, prioritizing and using that information for making smarter business decision.

Finally, Vtiger is an affordable CRM system, tailored to suit small businesses’ tight budgets. It offers a sales and a support set, both available in a starter and professional version, depending on the number of users you want to include. A 15-days free trial is also available.

Modules of vTiger CRM

Lead Management: This Customer Relationship Management product has an ability to arrange leads, creating and converting them into qualified opportunities. It can also import leads from different sources like Excel, CSV, and emails. With a single click, vTiger CRM provides an option to change lead status as per the sales stage.

Account Management: By allowing tracking of all the accounts, opportunities, cases and contacts, this CRM helps the sales person to update and identify parent-child relationships. vTiger can also import accounts from third party sources such as GoldMine, ACT, and other marketing tools.

Product Customization: By creating your own products list in the Products tab, Vtiger provides an option to create different tabs by using drag & drop functionality

Activity Management: For ready reference, vTiger can tag all vital customer-related information & e-mails to specific customer/ Account. It can also store all the customer details along with track all the meeting notes and call logs and meetings.

Contact Management: vTiger CRM can track customers and opportunities, people, emails, customer information from a common place. It also creates the hierarchy of contacts within a company for superior coordination while dealing customers.

Security Management: It defines team roles according to organization structure and controls the access to modules as per employee’s role. For better auditing, it archives the login history of each user.

Microsoft Outlook Plug-in:

It adds outbound and forward inbound Outlook e-mails to vTiger CRM. Furthermore, it also synchronizes contacts, tasks, and calendar between Microsoft® Outlook® and vTiger CRM. It also helps to filter e-mails in Microsoft® Outlook® and add emails, which are necessary.

Opportunity Management:

vTiger CRM tracks all sales opportunities and other associated opportunities with accounts, contacts, activities, and other modules to enhance better visibility. Furthermore, it also exports opportunities to spreadsheet software like OpenOffice®, Microsoft® Excel®, and others in order to examine the sales pipeline and quickly recognize the restricted access, if any.