3CX PBX Development, Deployment and Provisioning in Cambodia

3CX Integration – Maximise you ROI

3CX Integration allows you  to gain maximum benefit fro you CRM and PBX. Provide your agents with information you have in your CRm relating to any in coming call to the agents concerned with ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

3CX PBX powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers, and is used by SMBs, enterprises, call centers, carriers and governments worldwide.

For a small office requiring less than 25 concurrent calls it can be installed on to a $100 computer, for bigger installations supporting 1000’s of users it can be built into a high availability cluster of 3CX servers.

GreyChain Cambodia has years of experience implementing IP based PBX systems on various hardware platforms, software solutions and provides a managed 3CX integration and installation if required. GreyChain can also implement 3CX as a cloud based platform either hosted within Cambodia or external to Cambodia.

3CX PBX is available for free for self hosted or cloud based installations, your only costs being installation and any support. Once installed on a commercial grade server you could expect years of trouble free service.

3CX PBX can be customised to provide voice prompts in many languages.

3CX can be integrated with many CRM systems. The degree of integration varies from product to product and license levels. Greychain is experienced with integrating both free and paid for versions of popular CRM packages such as Vtiger, SuiteCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and ODOO